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  1. Lil Zik

    sutty needs a lil zuk now to make everything alright
  2. Plants

    weirdos dont have plants
  3. Ty bird

    get that good money
  4. Quick Laugh

    I think the second clip is more your style
  5. Dan in

    ooooo tko
  6. 10 years later intro...

    murdock is still most abused, welcome
  7. First solo drop at raids btw

    gratz m8
  8. My Runecrafting Day

    gratz! get it done
  9. More technical assistance

    found this: tbh wasn't that helpful but similar issue. does geforce experience pick up your game in its list? if not I'd try and add it to the list to see if it has any options you can work with for that game specifically. There's also the chance that something in the new driver update doesnt work well with that game; my brother used to have that issue with amd radeon graphics cards and world of tanks. Every other update to the radeon graphics drivers wouldn't work with the game and he'd have to revert or wait until the next driver update in order to be able to play
  10. Pking With Pets Be Like...

    gimme the kitty
  11. Columbus

    its a big thing for the italians, can confirm, am italian
  12. Went and hung with the heros for the weekend

    kind of, mix of everything really, its NY comic con
  13. Went and hung with the heros for the weekend

    Yes it is, right next to the R+M mobile
  14. My feet want a divorce now