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Divine Forces

Divine Forces vs Vanguard (CWTB Tournament - 20v20)

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We were paired against Vanguard in the first round of the Cuties with the Booties tournament hosted by Charmchi_Illustrations. After a round one victory for the tournament, VNG offered us two more rounds for some extra F2P practice.


The rules were as follows:




- Will take place in F2P.
- Plateau Map.
- Melee/Binds.
- Pots and Food Allowed.
- Prayer Allowed (No Overheads).
- Each clan must have no more and no less than 20 members participating.
- Winner is the clan who eliminates the other. You then move on to the next round until you get eliminated, or win it all.
- Opponents will be chosen randomly.
- All those participating must be 100+.
- No mass name changes allowed.
- Elite Zerks will get a +3



Round 1 (Tournament win)



Round 2 (Practice round)



Round 3 (Practice round)


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