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DF vs Damage Inc - CWTB (Charm Up) Finals

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The Charm Cup, known by us as the Cuties with the Booties Tournament, concluded with the semi-finals and finals taking place just around lunch time. For the semis, we were paired against Violent Resolution. Eventually they rolled in at noon and we began the fight.


The tournament rules were as follows:





Melee/Binds ONLY.

NO OVERHEADS (15%s allowed).


Semifinals: Divine Forces vs Violent Resolution


The VR was pretty straightforward. Saggy tanked multiple kills at the start as we quickly pulled ahead KOing a VR member, a Cutthroat member and another one of their clan friends all in a row. Eventually we pushed our lead far enough where we could just mass bind them off and we grinded our way to a win.








FINALS: Divine Forces vs Damage Incorporated


Our fight with DI went a little differently. DI pulled ahead with a few KO's but we pulled it back in the middle of the fight getting a few KO's and strong tanks of our own. Eventually the fight evened back up at the single digits and the game of food & run energy began. As the fight went on, we got ahead with food management by a hair and kept that small lead all the way until the very end. Shoutout to the Gay Alliance and Hyenas coming together at the end.




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