real shit #2

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Bare with me for a moment. I want to take you on a journey. Alright so imagine that you're a bird. I don't care what kind of bird, you've got a beak and you fly around and shit with wings. You get it. Anyway, so here you are - a bird. Now I want you to close your eyes and feel the wind against your face, feel the stream of air breaking beneath your wings.. Let your neck loose and jolt it downwards and back up again. Yes, that's it. You're eating like a bird. Yes all that bread that weird ass old people feed you in the park (or is that just ducks? fuck it, I'm rolling with it) is filling you up. But now you're full and need to release the waste. So what do you do? You fly up somewhere and open up your asshole and just let it out. No pushing or farting, just waste being released through a hole. Very simple. But it's not simple. Because that waste is actually SHIT. You just SHIT in someone's mouth. Some poor kid walking down the street so full of hope and big dreams.. his life is FUCKING RUINED. Can you imagine that? A young impressionable white kid just being assaulted by a load of bird shit on the street? For all you filthy Europeans out there always on about American mass shootings.. well, here you go. This is how we get mass shootings. FUCKING BIRDS.




ty for reading, I'll be here all week

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