Thought I'd Stop In And Say Hi

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Bunty    442

1. Real life/preferred name:

2. Display name:



3. Previous names & aliases:

Most people called me Bunty back in the day.


4. About yourself:

28 years old from the Seattle area. I spend most of my time working and kicking it with friends. Overall a pretty laid back guy.
5. Clan history:

The Blue Dragons -> Awaken -> Nemesis -> The Midnight Warriors -> The Legion -> Divine Forces


6. Where did you hear about DF?

I was in DF for years.


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:

Only people I know for sure are still here are Ross because he's leader and Omni because he's never not here, otherwise I have no clue who still is here and who's gone.
8. Reason for introduction:

I play osrs off and on, so I like to stop by and check in on you guys just to see how everything is going. I feel like grandpa checking in to make sure everything is ok. :)
9. Additional comments:

Hoping all is good and interested to see who is still around. And hello to the new faces that I may not know!


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