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Jesse    10
16 hours ago, Frozen said:


"We really want to be an E-sport but we have literally no clue how to do it, u guys got any ideas?"



A team this clueless should not be looking to do what they are. If they don't know what/how they want to do this E-sport thing, that most people don't think they should do AT ALL, then clutching at straws and asking for ideas from the public is just going to be yet another shit show.

I emailed them with the greatest idea ever "The Triathlon" basically the first person to cut an inventory of redwoods, fish an inventory of anglers, and mine an inventory of amethyst without teleing and all starting in lumbridge. Would be top tier excitement. 

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Juice Wrld    371

not what i as hoping for, none of this suggestions changes anything regarding the wilderness really. the cwa updates is allright, but cwa is dead so meh. also lms looks allright but not something i personally was intrested in anyway. until pking becomes profitable (some sort of ep system etc, obv not as good as it used to be) the wilderness will just die more and more. 

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Sem    2,412
On 13-5-2019 at 7:20 PM, Murray said:
  • Leaving a CC: Currently, you are able to set up a fight as "first to 25 kills", but if someone is getting attacked by other players and almost dead, they can simply leave the CC and it doesn't count as a kill for the enemy team. We would like to create an option for leaving a CC during the game which would include "counts as a death" or "does not count".

only five years late

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