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Penguin LOLO

Hi from Penguin!:)

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Penguin LOLO    10

Hello Divine Forces;p



1. Real life/preferred name:  Arentas
2. Display name: Penguin LOLO


3. Previous names & aliases: Fjortiisdunk | Penguin LOLO | Jr HyuNa and many others, as i have changed many times!


4. About yourself: Bad english gramma,  19 years old, active,  90% pk | 10% pvm,  you will know more soon :D

5. Clan history:


Chivalry legion (in 2017) got inactive as i quited rs for a bit.

And like ~4 years with Lithuanians.


6. Where did you hear about DF?


Just wildy. Fought them many times.


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: If i can say, maybe only ekstra :D as he is lithuanian. The rest just from wildy fights
8. Reason for introduction: As I have plans to join DF in the future, i want you to know me guys.
9. Additional comments:


Feel free to ask anything! It's better for me to answer what you want to know:)

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Penguin LOLO    10
2 minutes ago, Bob Kelso said:

Hello there


I like you more than Ekstra already


Hehe, doctor!

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Joe    408

My condolences to you for knowing Ekstra, welcome to DF. :) 

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