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Frozen    942
11 hours ago, IMK said:


Of course it matters that she instigated the fight. She endangered the life living inside of her that she (from the looks of it) had plans on bringing into the world. What kind of mother endangers her child over some Jerry Springer shit? A batshit, irresponsible idiot. 


It's easy to throw the whole "unarmed pregnant woman" thing around, but keep in mind this was another woman. Not a man who had height, muscle, and body-type advantage over her. Who knows how serious/bloody the fight got before the woman got to the point of pulling a gun. As I said, if someone were attacking me to the point where I was in fear for my health, yes, I would shoot them. Obviously an unarmed pregnant woman wouldn't make me do that, but I'm a man, not a woman. 



Guess it is cultural then that we disagree. Most people in Europe don't see attempting to murder the person attacking you with their hands as reasonable force, this wasn't even on their own property[shooter]. Maybe what I read left something out but she wasn't using a weapon right? Like, not hitting her with a sign or something off a shelf? I don't just mean a conventional weapon, "unarmed and pregnant" is enough, a 5 month pregnant woman using her hands to attack you is not THAT threatening who ever you are. To shoot that person is far beyond reasonable force, if this was a police officer there would be even more uproar than there is.



I don't actually deny the woman is clearly a crazy bitch and was endangering herself, her baby and the other person in all this but it does not even nearly amount to manslaughter lol.

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