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1. Real life/preferred name: bvg
2. Display name: Olympiss


3. Previous names & aliases: -


4. About yourself: I'm BvG, I've lead multiple pure clans in the past and have been around the pure community since 2009.
5. Clan history:
PRE EOC: Exiled Force (Council), Enemy, Corrupt Pures, Activation (Founder/Leader) - OLDSCHOOL RS: Olympus (Founder/Leader) , Phoenix  (Warlord/Leader), Rage, Corrupt Pures, Eruption of Pures, Supremacy.


6. Where did you hear about DF? I had a long talk with @Rene in Discord.


7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Rene, Pengy (They were in my pure clan, Olympus)
8. Reason for introduction: I'm looking for a main clan, probably. I went main and am continuing to play because I love the game but wanted to get away from pure clanning. With that being said, Multi PKing is a giant love thats hard to give up, thus I'm looking at my options. My account is transitioning to main currently, so I don't meet at the reqs as of now.
9. Additional comments: ~ i saved pengy and rene from rot by giving them fake aliases on the forums ~ i made @Pengyruin his pure and get 39 defence unquested

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