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P4GY Army

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P4GY    5

1. Real life/preferred name:

2. Display name:



3. Previous names & aliases:

Current names: - Xiao Guang, Xhaou huang, Xueiong, Xiang Shuang, Xiahou Ji, Xhaou Liang

Previous Names: - P4GY 2, P4GY 3, P4GY 4, P4GY 5, P4GY 6, P4GY 7, P4GY 8


4. About yourself:

Mid 20s, British af, but also must be Korean or something.        

5. Clan history: (i've had a fair amount)

EOP > Vendetta > Regicide > Unk > CT(for 10 days) > [was my own clan bc alts(One man army)] > DKS > Clan X.


6. Where did you hear about DF?

Through pking experience, seeing you guys out in the wildi for the past idk how many years, being in wars against you guys.

7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them:
Oldghz, Toerist Lemc (Kind of know Toweley, but not as well as the other 2 boyz).

8. Reason for introduction:

Haven't pked since Clan X closed, Toweley invited me too join DF a few weeks back, now i'm active again i'm wanting to get back into pking.


9. Are you planning to join DF?

10. Additional comments:

I play on 2-6 accounts when pking.

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Seb    342

hello i have barraged ur 6 accs in rev caves, was a fun time

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Penguin LOLO    47

2-6 accounts in war? how you gonna control them?


edit: forgot to say hi, hi!

Edited by Penguin LOLO

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