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Divine Forces 14th Birthday

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Pato    1,524

best clan to ever do it, notice how no "hype clan" will ever get a topic with all this history lmao.


Long live DF till the casket and past it.

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»IMK    4,470
1 hour ago, Bunty said:

I was recruited by Death240 to this clan towards the end of 2005, and I left a week or two after that because I just didn't click very well with the people in DF. I initially viewed DF members as cocky, and more of a pain in the ass than anything. About a month after that Death told me to give it another shot, so I caved and ended up rejoining. In that second chance I realized pretty quickly how fortunate I was to be given that second opportunity, and how I personally underestimated the people in this clan.


I'm proud to have been a part of a group of people who were underestimated constantly, whether it was from my stupid self back in 2005 or any other person who was on the outside looking in. I enjoyed being told with you all that we weren't responsible for next-level organization in fights (we were), that we would never take down our rivals (we did), that we could never beat *insert clan name that was 5-10 ranks ahead of us*  in a war (we did every time we tried), that we were only winning our wars because we were returning to the fight after we died (we didn't, we just thoroughly kicked their asses), etc.


But the thing I am most proud of, and will always remember, is how we responded after this clan's first leader retired. While we were told from both people inside and outside the clan that we couldn't overcome that change, we did. And not only did we overcome that change, but shortly after our two-month slump, we were able to get back on our feet and make our first run at being the #1 clan in the game. That was our goal from the get go, and it was like smelling roses once we finally achieved it together.




This clan has always had three very unique traits that I never saw consistently from other clans...

1. We were always aligned with the same vision, no matter how that vision changed over time.

2. We always innovated, learned, and adapted to change in order to be the best at whatever we were focused on.

3. We had a ton of fun doing it.


As I have been watching you all from the outside continue to write the biography of this clan in real time, it's easy to see that those three things have not changed in 14 years. If it weren't for those core traits, this clan would have fallen apart like the majority of clans have. It's an astonishing, and quite honestly mind-blowing, thing to see continued.


All that being said, happy 14th birthday to current, past, and future DF members. I hope you all thoroughly understand the incredible things we have accomplished throughout those years as generations have come and gone to pass the torch along. I also hope you all understand on an individual level that none of this would have been possible without your contributions. You can view this as a silly game that we all play together, but at the base of all of it there are characteristics that you each have brought to the table to contribute to the excellence that this clan has experienced over the years, and those same characteristics can be used in the real world to achieve unfathomable things.


I look forward to seeing what you guys do in the many years to come. Most of you don't know me, but I am rooting for you.



Means a lot man, thanks for posting 

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Scott    67

Happy birthday DF!


First time I heard about DF was when they reached out to me asking if me and my clan would team up to help them fight Silent Assassins, who were challenging for the #1 spot at the time.  We were both some low level nobody clans back then, and it seemed like a silly thought that we could go out there and stand a chance with the big boys, but something about the fire from this group made me go out on a limb and against my typically conservative approach and say fuck it.  We massed up and went out to help and just as DF would do time and time again throughout it's history we defied the odds and came out on top.


What started as an alliance, eventually led to me and many of the others in my clan to calling DF home after we closed our doors.  After that it was easy to never look back.  Even though I faded in and out of this game, any time I came back there was only 1 home for me.  I joined DF in 2006, and haven't even thought of joining another clan since then.  While life has taken me away from being able to contribute, my memories of this clan will always stay with me.  The people that I met in here over the years were always what made it special.  Even as we went through different generations of the clan, we always maintained that fire, and that passion to be the best we could be, and without that DF would have died out a long ass time ago.


The fact that you guys are still around, and still kicking just proves that you still have that desire.  DF will never lose the feel of family that it has for so many of us, and I'm sure that you guys and girls currently here feel the same thing.  I wish there was more I could do to be involved, but this stage in life won't cooperate with that.  Keep on doing what you guys have been doing, just as it has in the past, it will continue to lead DF in the right direction.  Don't ever lose that passion and you guys will continue to always keep the special memories that me, and so many other past and present members hold close.  I'll continue to look in from time to time, good luck with wherever the future continues to take this clan!

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