Who wore it better

Who got the better hats  

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  1. 1. Better hats

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AR07    1,554

Shalom/As-Salaam-Alaikum (I put shalom first because i am cultured),



1. Muslim



2. Jew




For me, unbiased btw, there's a clear winner here. The moslems have the better fit, design and overall build quality.


No racism on this thread, God is watching you.


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Jurgen Murray    624
Jurgen Murray


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Jelle    2,681

The better design wins it tbh, if ur head is too big u can't be jew else it'll fall off :peepo:

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Melochromilian    31

muslims, and i am saying this because i am totally not being held against my will rn

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AR07    1,554
2 minutes ago, Alice said:

Gotta vote for my girl and her people


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Good Binds    1,755
Good Binds

We vote for the people 

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